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About us:

The Frazer-Nash story: A century of achievement

Frazer-Nash Manufacturing is the latest evolution in a story of engineering excellence going back more than a century.

High-performance origins

The Frazer-Nash name has long been synonymous with engineering excellence. In 1910, English mechanical engineer and designer Archibald ‘Archie’ Frazer-Nash jointly developed a lightweight automobile, the GN Cycle Car. After more than a decade of success with the GN, in 1922 he set up the Frazer-Nash motorcar company, resulting in the classic sports car marque that is still admired today.

By 1929, Archie Frazer-Nash had turned his attentions to other areas of engineering and inventing, setting up a new company focused on solutions for the growing aviation sector.

During World War II, the Frazer-Nash company achieved particular success with its innovative servo-motor-powered gun turrets, used on medium and heavy bombers such as the Avro Lancaster and Vickers Wellington.

A Heritage of Innovation

Today, Archie’s legacy lives on at Frazer-Nash Manufacturing, which was divested from the Frazer-Nash group in 1990 and now produces everything from rocket engines and hostile environment cameras to deep-sea surveillance drones.

In fitting tribute to Archie Frazer-Nash, the consummate engineer, the Frazer-Nash factory is home to many of the most dedicated engineers in the industry.

One of Archie’s great attributes, as the quote below illustrates, was his ability to work with others. At Frazer-Nash Manufacturing, our firm belief is that a close working relationship with our customers is an essential attribute for our business – and one that continues to set the Frazer-Nash name apart.

‘Frazer-Nash… combines in himself designer, fighter, technician, and is persona grata in all the aerodromes with the essential personnel.’ Ref: A Scientist’s War: The War Diary of Sir Clifford Paterson, 1939-45.

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