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Your low volume precision engineering partner

At Frazer Nash Manufacturing, we’ve the skills, knowledge and experience to engineer precision, low volume solutions that meet your most demanding requirements.

We provide rapid response design, manufacturing and precision engineering services to customers in a wide variety of industries, especially in the space, scientific and high-tech sectors. We also offer specific manufacturing services for the production of specialised parts for OEM customers involved in the production of food and petfood.

From our engineering facility and headquarters in the UK, we partner with customers around the world, ranging from major brands and SMEs to universities and research bodies. Throughout, we have built a strong reputation for technical innovation, speed of response and exceptional engineering quality.

If you are looking for specialised engineering knowledge and skills; require customised manufacture of single or low volume parts, with a fast service; or want an engineering company that’s not afraid of a challenge; then we can provide exactly the services you need.

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