What makes us different? - Quality redefined

What makes us different?

Quality redefined

Many engineering companies claim to offer high levels of quality. Indeed, given the advanced nature of modern CNC tools and inspection equipment, quality is often taken for granted – it’s what is sometimes referred to a ‘hygiene factor’ by customers when making purchasing decisions.

Yet, as with many things in life, things are not always as they seem.

For example, a company may be accredited to a particular quality standard, such as ISO9001, and comply rigorously with the appropriate protocols and procedures. But, in many instances, this is where quality starts and ends. It will tick the quality box on a checklist but may not, for example, extend to cover factors such as the overall customer experience, the engineering or manufacturing environment or the wider aspects of staff training – in other words, all of the factors that truly impact quality and consistent performance. It’s therefore possible to be accredited to recognised quality standards but not necessarily be a quality-centric engineering business.

By comparison, at Frazer-Nash quality is a state of mind. It’s at the heart of our engineering culture and has its roots in our heritage, running all the way back to 1922 when the Frazer Nash motorcar company was founded to manufacture what have since become classic sports cars.

Quality runs through everything that we do, from your initial enquiry, right through quoting, design for manufacture, engineering, assembly, inspection, delivery and beyond. It manifests itself in our processes and production operations, in our people, their experience and training, and in our investment and business decisions. For us, quality and customer service are inexorably linked and we believe that this genuinely sets us apart from other engineering companies.

Here are just a few examples that highlight why our holistic approach to quality makes us different:

  • Our CNC milling department uses only Mazak systems, of which none are more than five years old. This means that we are using the most modern, standardised and advanced technology, capable of providing exceptional levels of precision, repeatability and productivity – quality is built-in.
  • Our machine operators are fully trained in the use of all our Mazak CNC machine tools, providing flexibility of resources, shared knowledge and expertise. We also have extremely low staff turnover, ensuring continuity and stability in our engineering team, making it easier to maintain a consistent approach to quality and service.
  • The cleanliness and organisation of our engineering environment is outstanding. Visitors have commented that you could almost eat your breakfast off the floor. Although we wouldn’t recommend this, the point is clear: maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and order allows us to focus on the quality and precision of our manufacturing, and to minimise the need for rework or revisions.
  • Although all engineers, wherever they are employed, will take pride in their work, for our team this goes much deeper than normal. In many respects, this is a reflection of the type of work that we handle, with components and assemblies that we engineer being used in some of the most demanding and quality-critical applications, from molecular research to nuclear fusion and space exploration. Customers regularly comment, for example, on the precision – mirror-like – surface finish that we achieve, even on standard parts.
  • In common with many companies, we have an advanced quality control and inspection department, using the latest metrology systems and tools. Where we differ, however, is that every part we manufacture is fully inspected, not just once but multiple times during its manufacture.

At Frazer-Nash, quality is far, far more than simply a hygiene-factor. It runs through the veins of every member of our team and manifests itself in everything that we do.

Put us to the test – you’ll be amazed at the results we can produce for you.

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