The top 5 advantages to demand from your precision engineering partner

Today you should demand more from an engineering supplier than just conventional manufacturing services. Explore the 5 key advantages that Frazer-Nash Manufacturing gives our clients, to understand why our people, services and solutions make so many of the world’s leading organizations choose us to solve their precision engineering challenges…


Innovative Thinking

Access to Consultancy and Expertise: To understand your challenges, your engineering partner must know the right questions to ask – and listen carefully to your answers. Clients turn to Frazer-Nash when they need a specialist high-end manufacturer and problem-solver for their most challenging projects. They are often looking for new ways to bring efficiencies and innovation to their processes. We manufacture premium machinery, working with market leaders who need to develop unique and demanding products.


Expert Design

Careful Planning and Development: Can your supplier only manufacture equipment someone else has designed and specified? Frazer-Nash can add greatest value to your project with our in-house design capabilities. We are a trusted design authority, able to meet our customers’ highest expectations. We design and manufacture machines to a global standard of repeatability. By designing and manufacturing your solution, we can ensure quality of supply and long-term assurance.


Precision Production

Quality Engineering and Manufacture: Not every supplier can guarantee engineering excellence. At Frazer-Nash we combine a century of experience and expertise with the latest advanced technologies and processes – like 3D metal additive manufacture. Our deep knowledge in materials and metallurgy helps us advise on which metals to use to meet challenging conditions – whether in a 24/7 production line, or a satellite in the extremes of outer space. Our systems and processes ensure maximum traceability, essential in industries like aerospace and food processing.


Global Delivery

Full Installation and Implementation: When your engineering partner talks about ‘delivery’, it should mean more than just choosing a courier. Frazer-Nash experts are working on-site at client premises all over the world – specifying, installing, servicing and managing the machinery we produce. We don’t say that our answer is a truly a ‘solution’ unless we know it meets your challenge in the real-world production environment – so we’ll always go the extra mile(s) to make sure.


Dedicated Partnership

Trusted Support and Optimization: Your engineering partner should be there to support your long-term success. We have a vision for the entire lifecycle of our solutions, going beyond installation to support and maintenance. We also help clients upgrade and optimize their equipment based on an ongoing understanding of its real-world performance. We make quality components for clients, to replace wear parts on our own machines or to replace unobtainable parts for their legacy equipment. Our long-term commitment builds trusted client relationships – around 80% of our inbound enquiries are referrals and recommendations via existing clients.

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