The first choice for space engineers and scientists

The first choice for space engineers and scientists

We’re the number one choice for scientists and engineers throughout the space and scientific sectors, when they are looking for a precision engineering supplier.

That’s no idle boast.

Here’s why:

Space and space science is one of the most demanding disciplines known to humankind.

The challenges of getting satellites and space vehicles off the ground, the difficulty of maintaining them in stable orbits, often for decades at a time, or of sending them on journeys to the Moon, Mars, asteroids and into deep space, can often seem insurmountable.

Similarly, the challenges of replicating the hostile environments of space travel and exploration on the earth’s surface, or of developing experiments and instruments that delve into the sub-atomic worlds of particle physics or nanotechnologies, can be daunting.

Yet, every day our scientists and engineers are developing new and previously unimaginable ways to push the boundaries of human knowledge.

Achieving this requires a degree of engineering knowledge and expertise that is found only among a small number of precision engineering suppliers – companies such as Frazer-Nash Manufacturing.

Engineering know-how is key to the success of space and science discovery

We’ve a long history – almost a century – of working with customers in advanced technologies, from our foundation as a specialist car manufacturer, through the development of innovative aviation systems for military aircraft, to our role today as the first-choice supplier to commercial, academic and research bodies throughout the space and science sectors.
Experience and knowledge are critical, but they are only part of the recipe for success. Of equal importance is our manufacturing capability, using the most advanced, high-precision CNC machine tools and technologies, plus our ability to work consistently to the most demanding quality standards.

We also know how to work with exotic materials. These include metals that other engineering suppliers sometimes find impossible to machine. Finally, we have a culture of innovation and share the same thirst for discovery as our customers in space, science and research – the same determination to push the boundaries of human knowledge.

The perfect combination of engineering skills, experience and resources

While it’s true to say that other precision engineering companies can reproduce some of what we do, there are none that are able to match our total combination of services, skills, knowledge, experience, resources and culture of innovation in the space and scientific sectors.

That’s why we’re the number one choice for space engineers, scientists and researchers.

Join our community of space and science customers

We’ve a growing community of leading space and scientific customers, from CERN to SSTL, for which we produce a wide range of precision engineered parts and assemblies.

If you have an engineering project that you’d like to discuss then contact our science and space engineering team today.

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