Filling Systems

At Frazer-Nash Manufacturing, we use our unique wear-surface technology to create our advanced filling systems.

The Frazer-Nash Mono-Depositor is designed to handle abrasive and large tough particulates, and still achieve volumetric accuracy. This is achieved via a three axis, servo-motor controlled mechanism that first fills a control volume with product. It is then chopped to ensure that all depositing materials and particulates are trimmed to fit inside the controlled volume, and then ejected into the mould, pouch, or container.

This ensures a clean and accurate fill, with minimal spatter or tailing at rates up to 70 cycles per minute. Additional gas or steam purge can be added to the depositor piston and nozzle to further reduce risk of tailing and to improve shelf life.

Features include:

  • Three servo-motor controlled action for volume control, low-noise, speed, and accuracy
  • Hinged and safety interlocked access guards
  • Easily removed piston and cut-off cylinder
  • Wear Technology - makes use of appropriate limits and fits, heat treated stainless steels, stellite/ceramic faces and consideration of the most appropriate surface finishes and treatments

Optional custom features include:

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Number of lanes
  • Size of deposit: 5 ml - 1000 ml
  • Speed of deposit
  • Temperature of deposit
  • Mounting structure to suit presentation of molds or containers to be filled
  • Feed hopper design
  • Single or multi dose

Hygienic design

All Frazer-Nash food production equipment incorporates the best in hygienic design, including:

  • Stainless steel and FDA approved materials
  • Open structures with no close fitting overlaps
  • Crevice-free, sloping surfaces
  • Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance

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