Pet Food Systems


Supporting the manufacture of kibble production Frazer-Nash offers the following systems

Sanitary Extruder Hood (SEH)

Our fully machined stainless steel hood offers the best protection against re contamination by Salmonella which is the biggest cause of recalls of kibble.  With precision engineered interfaces there are no fabricated interfaces or gaskets. This means no kibble leakage or risk of contaminated gaskets.

Post Extruder Mixing

Some additives are degraded or destroyed by the extruding process, the Frazer-Nash pre-die mixer allows liquid additives to be injected after the extrusion process and gently mixed in a temperature controlled environment prior to pass through a die.

Multiple Colour Extrusion

Building on our Post extruder mixing technology, Frazer Nash offers a 4-colour mixing system which divides the extrudate into 4 equal section, mixes with colour then returns to the die. This system allows the simultaneous production of different colour kibble.



Frazer-Nash offers a range of extruder dies and nozzles for treat production.

Extrusion Dies

Frazer-Nash manufactures a range of extruder dies, from large diameter die places to die plate inserts.

Twist Nozzles

Frazer-Nash offers a range of twist nozzles range form one to eight rope outputs.

Flow Normaliser

Using our patented design Frazer-Nash offers a solution to the variable radial output from twin-screw extruders. Incorporated into a Frazer-Nash head this technology eliminates variation in output for both single and co-extruded products.

Co-Extrusion Heads

Frazer-Nash manufactures a range of co-extrusion heads ranging from 4 output to 24 outputs, feed from a single pump or individual pump for each line. Frazer-Nash also supplies the mixing system for the core.

The external and internal diameters are achieved with precision machined inserts to allow output size to be set to match the product expansion characteristics

Embossing Systems

The Frazer-Nash embossing system allows patterns or letters to be pressed into the surface of the treat.


Frazer-Nash offers a range of cooling tunnels and tables


Cutting can either take place warm or cold, Frazer-Nash offers standard guillotine systems for cutting on the belt or rotating or oscillating blades for cutting at the die face.



Frazer-Nash manufacture systems suitable for handling the more delicate ingredients associated with fresh pet food.

Driven horizontal nozzles

When dispensing soft ropes Frazer-Nash’s driven horizontal nozzle ensure perfect uniformity across the nozzle without the high maintenance running costs of a water wheel system.

Pouch and Pot Filling

Frazer-Nash manufactures a drip-less high accuracy filling nozzle for pet and human food filling. Capable of fill volumes between 45ml and 700ml the nozzle is a solution to avoid contaminated seals. Available with integrated CIP allows repeatable hygienic filling for rotary or linear systems.





Frazer-Nash made a range of system for handling chunk and gravy or loaf type products.


Hygienic design

All Frazer-Nash food production equipment incorporates the best in hygienic design, including

  • Stainless steel and FDA approved materials
  • Open structures with no close fitting overlaps
  • Crevice-free, sloping surfaces
  • Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance

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