Frazer-Nash Manufacturing’s extruder cutter technology is complemented by a range of conveyor-based cutting equipment. Designed for performance, hygiene and ease of maintenance, our guillotine machines offer many customizable features.

Our Hi-Speed Guillotine is fitted with a static blade and blade scrapers, to provide cost-effective cutting solutions at speeds up to 600 cuts per minute, depending on product depth and width. The blade advances with the product to maintain a square cut. It offers maximum cutting depths up to 25 mm.

Our Ultrasonic Guillotine is fitted with one or more titanium cutting horns, with vibrating tips driven by the ultrasonic power supply. The energy dissipation from the vibrating blade tip prevents excessive build-up of sticky residues on the blade, and initiates crack propagation and melting in the product being cut to improve cut cleanliness. Due to the extra weight of the blades and cutting functionality, maximum cutting speeds are between 90 and 200 cuts per minute depending on product. The cutting horns are individually mounted for height adjustment, and advance with the product to maintain a square cut. This model offers maximum cutting depth up to 50 mm.

Features include:

  • Servo-motor-controlled blade action with automatic homing and cut length control
  • Double-row crank bearings with lubrication points for stiffness and long bearing life
  • Stainless steel and anodised aluminium construction
  • Crevice-free, sloping surfaces with no close-fitting overlapping surfaces
  • Available in blade widths of 300 mm to 1500 mm

Optional custom features include:

  • Hi-Speed or Ultrasonic design
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Single-ply or two-ply belts with surface type, colour, and texture to suit product
  • Smaller diameter knife edge in-feed and out-feed ends
  • Retracting ends

Slab Former or Drop Roll Machines

Frazer-Nash Manufacturing offers a range of forming roll machines to manipulate viscous gels and pastes into sheets, bars, or three-dimensional molded pieces.

Different roll arrangements are available to suit how the specific mass is prepared. It can be continuously fed as extruded product into the rolls, or batch-fed from a hopper.

The rolls are manufactured to various diameters and lengths to suit the scale of the specific process, and can be heated or cooled to provide the necessary heat exchange and release conditions for the product. High-velocity water channels are constructed close to the roll surface, for maximum area coverage and heat exchange efficiency.

Rolls are usually constructed in stainless steel, but other materials can be selected depending on the specific duty to be performed – such as heat exchange requirement and hardness of product. Surface finish and coating materials are carefully matched to the process requirements, to provide wear resistance to scraper blade use and improved product release.

The gap between the rolls is adjustable for sheet thickness control or piece weight control. Subject to range of gap width adjustment required, the rolls can be independently driven via inverter speed-controlled geared motors. Alternatively, only one roll is powered, with power transfer to the second roll via spur gears.

Hygienic design

All Frazer-Nash food production equipment incorporates the best in hygienic design, including:

  • Stainless steel and FDA approved materials
  • Open structures with no close fitting overlaps
  • Crevice-free, sloping surfaces
  • Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance

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