Cooling Tunnels

The Frazer-Nash Manufacturing range of hygienic stainless-steel conveyors includes cooling and drying tunnels. Designed for performance, hygiene, and ease of assembly; our machines offer many customizable features.

Our TurboFlow Tunnel is designed for maximum removal of heat and moisture. Its uniformly distributed impingement air-jets penetrate the warm and moist air boundaries around the product, to displace heat and moisture into the overhead extraction duct. The powerful air circulation system is designed to work in harmony with natural air convection for maximum efficiency.

Our ContraFlow Tunnel is designed for gentle cooling, where crystallization dictates the speed of heat released from the product, not the efficiency of the air movement around the product. It is designed to circulate the air longitudinally, with and against the product, above and below the conveyor belt. The ContraFlow uses lower fan powers to provide all-round even and gentle cooling.

Features include:

  • Stainless steel construction throughout
  • Crevice-free, sloping surfaces with no close-fitting overlapping surfaces
  • Available in belt widths of 300 mm - 1700 mm
  • Modular build in 6 m tunnel lengths with 0.5 m long air cooling module (ACM) sections
  • Fractional tunnel length added as necessary to suit length required
  • Minimal foot print and 250mm minimum floor clearance with all debris designed to fall to floor for ease of cleaning

Optional custom features include:

  • Turbo Flow or ContraFlow design
  • Modular Plastic or Wire Belt conveyors
  • Chilled water cooling to ACMs preferred, but other cooling sources available - cooling power of ACM selected to suit product
  • Air heating batteries (steam or hot water) and desiccant dehumidifiers available
  • Stainless steel cooling fins and EU5 or better air filtration

Hygienic Design

All Frazer-Nash food production equipment incorporates the best in hygienic design, including:

  • Stainless steel and FDA approved materials
  • Open structures with no close fitting overlaps
  • Crevice free, sloping surfaces
  • Design for easy cleaning and maintenance

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