Extruder Dies

Frazer-Nash designs and manufactures custom extruder dies for use in the food industry. With process as well as manufacturing knowledge we can work with food producers to help develop new dies to shape their products. With our rapid-prototyping service, we can produce a range of dies for you to optimise the size and shape of your finished product.

Co-Extrusion Heads

Frazer-Nash manufactures a range of co-extrusion heads with flow balancing technology for integration with single or twin screw extruders. With a range of options to allow inner and outer diameters to be altered as well as 4,6,8,12 and 24 rope variant there will be a extrusion head to suit your requirement.

Cutting Systems

Frazer-Nash Manufacturing’s extruder cutter technology is complemented by a range of conveyor-based cutting equipment. Designed for performance, hygiene and ease of maintenance, our guillotine machines offer many customizable features.

Our Hi-Speed Guillotine is fitted with a static blade and blade scrapers, to provide cost-effective cutting solutions at speeds up to 600 cuts per minute, depending on product depth and width. The blade advances with the product to maintain a square cut. It offers maximum cutting depths up to 25 mm.

Our Ultrasonic Guillotine is fitted with one or more titanium cutting horns, with vibrating tips driven by the ultrasonic power supply. The energy dissipation from the vibrating blade tip prevents excessive build-up of sticky residues on the blade, and initiates crack propagation and melting in the product being cut to improve cut cleanliness. Due to the extra weight of the blades and cutting functionality, maximum cutting speeds are between 90 and 200 cuts per minute depending on product. The cutting horns are individually mounted for height adjustment, and advance with the product to maintain a square cut. This model offers maximum cutting depth up to 50 mm.

Cooling Tunnels

The Frazer-Nash Manufacturing range of hygienic stainless-steel conveyors includes cooling and drying tunnels. Designed for performance, hygiene, and ease of assembly; our machines offer many customizable features.

Our TurboFlow Tunnel is designed for maximum removal of heat and moisture. Its uniformly distributed impingement air-jets penetrate the warm and moist air boundaries around the product, to displace heat and moisture into the overhead extraction duct. The powerful air circulation system is designed to work in harmony with natural air convection for maximum efficiency.

Our ContraFlow Tunnel is designed for gentle cooling, where crystallization dictates the speed of heat released from the product, not the efficiency of the air movement around the product. It is designed to circulate the air longitudinally, with and against the product, above and below the conveyor belt. The ContraFlow uses lower fan powers to provide all-round even and gentle cooling.

Heat Exchanger

The FNM Cotator – the scraped surface heat exchanger that meets European food safety regulation for surfaces in contact with food EC 1935/2004

Mallow Kitchen

Frazer-Nash offer kitchen equipment for the production of marshmallow syrups. The kitchen equipment is skid mounted with control panel for outputs from 250 to 1000 kg/hr.

The kitchen consists of an automatic batch mixer cooker to prepare and cook/dissolve the syrup followed by a vacuum cooler to cool the syrup to 60C at which point gelatine can be added and mixed into the syrup. The finished syrup is transferred to a buffer tank from where it can be continuously pumped to the aeration mixer.

To complement the kitchen, Frazer-Nash offer the Cotator scraped surface cooler to cool the mallow to 40C ready for extrusion as well as extrusion dies, conditioning and cutting equipment to finish the cut mallow pieces in a powder coating.

image courtesy of Asser Oakes.

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