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Engineering services for food machinery OEMs

Frazer-Nash offers a range of post extruder systems for the pet food industry, focusing on highest levels of sanitary design.

Frazer-Nash offers its Sanitary Extruder Hood for kibble production, extruder dies for kibble and treat manufacture (single extrusion, coextrusion, dual extrusion), cutting systems, cooling tunnels. Our standard systems are available through our Partners; Sanitary extruder Hood from Shick-Esteve and treat related systems from Wenger.

food manufacturing
food manufacturing
food manufacturing

International Range

We support customers around the world. We understand that global companies produce locally, so we support different regulatory and health and safety standards that each country requires. In addition, all our equipment is CE marked as a minimum.

Exclusive Development

Frazer-Nash has a proud history of working with food producers and OEMs to develop machinery for their exclusive use. By developing proprietary equipment, our customers keep ahead of their competition.

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