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Case studies: learn more about our low
volume manufacturing projects

We work with customers across the scientific, space and advanced manufacturing sectors of industry. Our customers work at the frontiers of science, making exciting new discoveries and revealing previously hidden insights that have the power to change the way in which we all live and work.

Some of our recent projects are described below. But if you’d like to put us to the test for your next precision engineered, low volume manufacturing project then please get in touch.

Our additive manufacturing projects

Detailed below are just a few of our recent projects where we’ve used the latest additive manufacturing technologies to help our customers create innovative and dynamic precision manufactured solutions.


Read more on our recent work for DELTACAT
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Co-extrusion Nozzles

Read more on our manufacture of co-extrusion nozzles
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Inconel 625 Racing Exhaust

Read more on our manufacture of an Inconel 625 racing exhaust
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