August 3, 2017

Our Next Phase of Innovation

Welcome to our new-look Frazer-Nash Manufacturing website – we’ve refreshed our online presence to reflect the exciting expanding range of innovative precision engineering services and solutions we offer in 2017.

A fresh new website

Our restyled and restructured website clearly presents the full range of engineering advantages we offer our customers, across a range of industries and sectors, from food manufacture to aerospace and beyond. Please take a moment to look around – We hope you’ll discover new ways we can help you, such as our state-of-the-art additive manufacture service.

A refresh to our name

We’ve also taken the opportunity to update our official company name from the previous ‘Frazer-Nash (Midhurst) Limited’. As you may know, we moved premises from Midhurst to our larger modern facility in Petersfield a while ago, so this seems a timely step.

We are now officially ‘Frazer-Nash Manufacturing Limited’ – maintaining our pride in the heritage of the Frazer-Nash name, while clarifying our company’s specific manufacturing focus to the world market.

But that’s the only change – all other registered company information, financial details and contacts remain the same. Refreshed, we’re powering ahead even more strongly in 2017, helping our clients worldwide meet their diverse engineering challenges.

To celebrate our latest phase of development, we’ve created an infographic which lists the top 5 advantages to demand from your precision engineering partner.

Get in touch

Contact Frazer-Nash Manufacturing for a discussion of your specific requirements. Call us on +44 (0)1730 230 340 or submit your enquiry using this form to request a call back.

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