Launch of Flow Normaliser

Frazer-Nash is proud to announce the launch of its flow normaliser to eliminate the radial variation from extruders.

Twin screw extruders are increasing in popularity due to the flexibility they offer to producers but they are hampered by variation in output from the die. For kibble production this might be acceptable but for treat production it is a major form of waste. Historically attempts have been made at using breaker plates or throttle screws, at best these have given some relief but like balancing a pin, it can never be balanced perfectly.

Unbalanced flow can cause overweight product, or misshaped product or even scrap.

The Frazer-Nash Flow Normaliser(TM)technology is a patented solution to this variation. Built into a Frazer-Nash extrusion die it eliminates variation between outputs, the system is adjustable so can compensate for variation in different radials position based on product properties.

The flow normaliser is fully compatible with co-extruded products as well as single rope extrusions.

Contact Frazer-Nash to understand how much you could save by reducing your extruder variability.

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