What makes us different? - Quality redefined

What makes us different?

Many engineering companies claim to offer high levels of quality. Indeed, given the advanced nature of modern CNC tools and inspection equipment, quality is often taken for granted…

Thoughts of an older guy

I have been reading a remarkably interesting book called ‘The future is faster than you think’, which considers ‘how converging technologies are transforming business, industries and our lives’. I have lived through many of the developments that the writers use to illustrate the massive and increasingly supersonic speed of change…


The importance of an honest approach

Honesty might seem a strange word to apply to engineering. You’d normally expect engineers to be talking about precision, quality, capacity, machining, prototyping or delivery. Terms such as honesty and transparency rarely come into the equation; yet both are vital for every engineering business and every customer relationship.

Agile Engineering

The importance of agile engineering

The term ‘agile engineering’ has traditionally been associated with the field of software development, typically covering areas such as adaptive planning, flexible thinking, rapid delivery and continuous development, often with a ‘fail-fast’ methodology.

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