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Additive Manufacturing

Frazer-Nash Manufacturing provides an expert end-to-end additive manufacture service for 3D printing custom metal parts.

When looking for metal additive manufacturing companies or metal 3D printing companies, remember that not every UK metal 3D printing service or metal additive manufacturing company is backed by the engineering quality, know-how and experience you need.

Additive Manufacturing advantages include:

Increased speeds of prototyping and printing metal parts
Reduced costs and avoidance of need for special tooling
New possibilities for creation of complex custom metal components
Optimization via parts consolidation and weight reduction
Application-ready metal parts with Frazer-Nash precision-finishing

Additive Manufacturing is also known as:

3D Printing in Metal
Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)
Selective Laser Melting (SLM)
Metal Powder Bed Fusion (MPBF)
Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM)
Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF)

Metal 3D printing for application-ready parts

Today, 3D printing in plastics and polymers is becoming more mainstream, but what about 3D printing with metal? When it comes to printing 3D metal parts and additive manufacturing metal components to precision-engineering standards, you need an expert engineering partner like Frazer-Nash.

The latest metal additive manufacturing machines are capable of 3D printing metal parts and complex custom components directly from your digital CAD models – quickly, accurately, and without the need for expensive conventional tooling.

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Talk to the additive manufacturing experts

When looking for a 3D printer for metal, remember that not all metal 3D printers and additive manufacturing machines and companies can produce your required highest-quality results.

Most other metal 3D printing companies can only 3D-print a rough unfinished part – requiring you to use multiple suppliers in order to create an application-ready component.

Frazer Nash’s metal additive manufacturing capability is ISO9001 quality-certified and we work to the same standards required by AS9100. We provide an end-to-end service that can include design, consultancy, metal 3D printing, and precision-finishing of parts to within a few microns tolerance by our expert engineers.

Our clients trust our additive manufacturing expertise:

“Frazer-Nash provided an excellent service in delivering 3D printed metal parts in both stainless steel and aluminium. The fact that Frazer-Nash were also able to do all the post-printing machining, polishing and inspection made it very convenient for us.”
Lead Development Engineer at major global food manufacturer

Discover our additive manufacture capabilities

For printing 3D metal parts, Frazer-Nash offers industry-leading Renishaw SLM equipment, using metal powder-bed layer laser additive manufacturing technology for 3D printing steel, titanium alloy, and other additive manufacturing materials, to your exact specification.

Our state-of-the-art Renishaw equipment produces up to 99.99%-dense 3D printed metal parts – suitable not just for rapid prototyping, but also ideal as strong and durable application-ready metal components for your demanding real-world end-usage.

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Additive manufacturing: How it works

In our advanced metal additive manufacturing process, your part is built up from ultra-thin metal layers (each typically just 40 microns or one-fiftieth of a millimeter). A computer-controlled high-power laser, precision-guided by your digital CAD design, selectively melts a bed of metal powder to create a solid metal shape matching the cross-section of your desired part.

This first layer is then lowered, more metal powder is spread on top, and the process repeats until your complete solid 3D metal part is formed. This part is then precision-finished by our engineers, ready to meet the exacting requirements of your intended application.

Find out more on our recent project for DELTACAT

We were approached by DELTACAT, a spin-off company from the University of Southampton, to engineer an innovative design of injector nozzle for a new trial rocket thruster. Click below to read the case study and learn more on our additive manufacturing technologies.

Metal Additive Manufacturing offers a solution

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